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Eiki Projector Replacement Belts - Will they fit my projector?

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Eiki NT Projector Belts
Arm belts, set of 2 ......... $24.95 $19+shipping! - Order Online
Complete set (2 arm + 2 drive) ... $29 + shipping - Order Online
Internal drive belt, round ......... $9.75

If you have an Eiki projector and the takeup or rewind doesn't turn, there's a good chance it's just a deteriorated drive belt. Remove the two screws and check. Very easy to replace. Belts are new. Shipping for belts is $4.67 in United States, $15 Canada, and $18 International. That's for up to 4 belts, not per belt.

There is a flat-style belt and a round belt for the motor drive. We don't carry the flat belt. The round motor belt will also work for the takeup arm. This picture shows the motor set up for silent film running. For 24fps sound film, the faster setting of large pully on the motor and smaller pully on the shutter should be used.

When you change the motor belt, be carefull you don't bend the shutter. You can rotate it so the blade is out of your way.

The center to center distance on the arms is about 8.5". To change belts, first clean out all the pieces of the old corroded belt. Slip the new belt in. It's easier slipping the new belt over the top roller if you loosen the phillips head screw holding it in.


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