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The Krasnogorsk-3

"The modification wasn't too hard. For a few hundred dollar super 16mm camera you really can't beat it for raw indie stuff. We shot half super 16mm & half DV at 24fps. Our film is about Exorcism in an old asylum! So the look was excellent - very late 70's - dawn of horror look. "
Official Movie Trailer LegionoftheLiar

Super 16mm Gate

Krasnogorsk-3 Super 16mm Gate

Price: $245* gate kit, you install it. Kit includes Super 16mm gate and the special screwdriver that works best for removing the screws holding in the gate
(*$245 + $95 gate deposit = $340 total then get $95 refund for returning your old gate)

Installation Instructions

We don't always have gates in stock. So call or email to order.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page for contact info.

Super 16mm - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I still shoot regular 16mm?
A:  Sure! If you shoot negative, the printer will not print onto the soundtrack area of the film.

Q: Should I get single-perf or double-perf film?
A: Single-perf is required for Super 16mm. The extra image goes where the second set of perfs would be.

Q: What lenses cover the super 16mm frame?
A: The zoom lens it comes with will cover super 16mm above 27mm or so. Below that, the 8mm Peleng lens will cover the full Super 16 area. A Pentax-screw mount lens designed for a 35mm camera will cover the entire Super 16mm frame as well.

Q: Can I still "zoom" with the lens?
A: Since the optical center of the lens stays in the center of the regular 16mm image, you should not zoom while filming. Unless for zany "artistic effect."

Q: What about the viewfinder?
A: You'll have to use your judgment as to what's going to be in the extra area. Modifying the viewfinder mask is possible, however, pulling out the viewfinder tube, removing the two little lenses in it, swapping out the viewfinder mask, then replacing the two little lenses and re-installing the whole thing is somewhat involved.

Q: Where can I get a Super 16mm Projector?
A: There is really no such thing as a "Super 16mm Projector". All 16mm projectors expect the sound track to be on the side of the film without the perforations. That's where the wider Super 16mm frame gets its wideness from.



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